A look at Civil Rights history in Chestertown, and Tom Horton on Spring

The Freedom Riders Come to Chestertown

In this week’s episode of On Delmarva, we discuss the Freedom Riders, a pivotal part of the civil rights movement. Black and white activists rode buses together throughout segregated areas of the United States, challenging the discriminatory status quo. One of their stops, in the summer of 1961, was Chestertown, Maryland.

We’re joined by journalist Peter Heck, Armond Fletcher, and Alec Dick, all Chestertown residents, to discuss their memories of this time and the legacy of civil rights today.

Tom Horton on Spring!

On Delmarva correspondent Tom Horton chronicles the changes taking place across the peninsula as spring begins.

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2 Responses to A look at Civil Rights history in Chestertown, and Tom Horton on Spring


    Marc,you guys have done a great community service,not only for Chestertown,but for the next generation on the EASTON SHORE.GREAT WORK..AND THANK YOU

  2. Mike says:

    Marc, thanks so much for this valuable interview and for making the podcasts available on the net. Most informative.

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